Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Fathers - Defining a father has been a great topic of debate for years. Some people say the father must be the individual whose DNA is printed in our profiles. Some people say the father is the man who raised you, gave you life lessons and shared all your dreams and visions, heartbreaks and failures; and that man transcends to “Daddy”. Not to fire up this crazy debate because I believe in the latter. I believe that everyone has a father, sometimes they are not the biological father, however they are one of the most important individuals in our lives. Sometimes our “Daddy” is taken away and we don’t have him here with us. Sometimes he is our biggest fan and at other times he is our hero. Dads wear a million hats in our lives. We all have stories of our childhood with our dads.

To Honor your father this Father’s Day, what better gift than to spend some time and share some memories. Even consider making new memories if you can.

Katherine Payne Photography will be offering mini sessions for Father’s Day. We all know Dads don’t always like to be “super models” so until June 30th, I am scheduling mini sessions for $75.00 and you will receive either one 8X12 finished print or one small resolution webshare image. The mini session will take about 30 minutes. We have longer days so we can easily manage your session in the early evening before the sun sets. These sessions will go quickly so if this is something you want to add to your tribute to Dad, contact us and get on the schedule.

Sending a special Happy Father’s Day to all those Dads who are away, if they are serving our country or living in Heaven. To my Dad, thank you, even with you gone, there are so many times I find myself replaying events in my mind of your silly antics and unwavering love. We miss you and Happy Father’s Day ♥ Thanks for the memories.

Keep seeing the light

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding Your Heart and Feeding Your Passion

Finding Your Heart and Feeding Your Passion........
As the weather was beginning to rain, I noticed this one dandelion and I immediately saw the center as a Heart, you might not see it and that's OK, but it brought me to the heart of this post and also gave me some "Me" time doing some painting.  

We find ourselves often living in a world of  "waiting for someday". I am easily caught up in this thought process and honestly it is a rough road to get off of. We are always waiting to take those overdue vacations and spending that special time with those special people in our lives. I cannot even tell you how many times I've heard, "OH, lets do that once I've ...... "(You finish the sentence).  I'm sure guilty of that, I've said it and here I sit realizing time is still passing by. You have to find out who you are, and find your heart.  Now, my medical friends will give me a bit of grief over this because we all know where our heart is, but I'm talking about our "Heart", what feeds our passion and gives us excitement and takes us sometimes to those uncomfortable places that result in amazing rewards. Just last night I was completely blown away with a PBS program on Vic Muniz and his "Waste Land" project, then I watched parts of the movie "The Bucket List".  OK, so I'm behind on the movie tracks, but the point is, what a powerful message both these films have. After watching the Bucket List I was so taken with emotion, crying and not holding back the feelings of "what are we waiting for?????", realizing we cannot wait, we must act, we must find our hearts, we must feed our passions and we must live. Vic Muniz spent nearly three years filming and photographing his project near Rio de Janeiro. Waste Land (2010) - Official Trailer Both these films touched me and frankly lead me to ramble here on this blog.... Don't know who to tell you to thank for that...LOL but thanks for reading and listening.

I would like to drive this to that uncomfortable place with you. If you have a passion, what steps do you need to take to move toward your dreams and goals.  If you have put off things waiting for "someday", make someday today. Like the dandelion, time is passing and within a very short window it is gone, live life today, even in the rain.  To quote Vic Muniz "Recycle Yourself".

I have always welcomed individuals who have a passion for photography to join me on my field trips.  I love the sharing and I learn from them nearly as much as they learn from me, no egos, no BS, just honest time to capture and share. Part of living for me is giving, and be it giving of my time, my knowledge or my images, I feel great rewards when I can give back.

In the spirit of giving, I would like to repost the deal that I am offering to benefit Marley the Mustang.  If you want to help sponsor Marley, just let me know when you schedule your session and $200 of every portrait session will be given to the wish list fund and Marley.
Here is Marley:

Keep Seeing The Light

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hello Friends ~
This is going to be one of those, unusual posts from me.  So pardon the chaos that is running through my mind. Just remember I was born in the 50's, have blonde hair and I talk alot. I look back at my weekend and see so many directions, but wanted to take a moment to share, reflect and ask for prayers.
Mother's Day 2011 - Weekend Review

Spent some great time with a Mustang named Marley and Lauren.  Great Horse, amazing bond, so blessed to have these opportunities.  Please consider visiting Marley's Blog at: Marley the Mustang
Marley could use some sponsors to help keep him with Lauren after the Extreme Mustang Makeover is done, so if you have a few dollars you would consider sharing, Marley would love it, I would love it.  As a matter of fact, here's my deal on that note:  If you purchase a family session and say you want to sponsor Marley, I'll donate $200 of every Family Session to Marley and his wish list. Contact me at for more information and to schedule.
Saturday, I was so blessed to spend some quality time with my family, which included the Ballet Gala for Isabelle.  OH MY, what a beautiful Ballerina she is, she was simply an angel, to quote my friend Jon, these are angels when they are on the stage and he couldn't have said it better. 
Sunday, I attended Church with my family and prepared for a special photography session.  Many of you know I am a Photographer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Sunday evening, I was honored to meet this beautiful military family. Mom delivered her young son premature, and he is doing very well. Mom however is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Please lift her and her family up in prayers. ♥♥  We will refer to them as the {E} Family so if you would please keep them in your daily prayers as they journey through these difficult times.
I'll end today's post with this beautiful link to Laura Story's song "Blessings"  Please take a moment, pause your day, its most touching and reaches me personally.

Blessings by Laura Story

Keep seeing the light.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Think May.......... Think Memories

Happy May,
For those of you who remember May Baskets, that fun event is where you quietly took a special basket to the door of a special someone, rang the door bell and ran like the wind (like a surprise Valentine).  If that special person caught you, you got a kiss.  Run from a kiss.... must be a kid thing.... ☺  Maypoles, Beltane and other celebrations of Spring. 

The cycle of life is bringing new babies, baby chicks, baby horses, baby cows, babies, babies, and more babies. The flowers are starting to make their appearance and the gardens are all taking shape. Lawn services are ramping up blowing out sprinkler systems and trimming back the winter dead from the trees and bushes. The winter is fading away and outdoor activities are starting up. Kiddos are playing outside, riding bikes, playing soccer, running with the dogs and whatever makes them giggle and smile. 

Mothers' day is 5 short days away.  I've been busy doing that "spring cleaning" and celebrating the birth of a new grandson.  With all the exciting new activities and events going on in our lives we also have the realization and loss for our loved ones who have passed away, be it your parents, grandparents and sometimes sadly your own children.  It is easy to procrastinate getting that family portrait scheduled, waiting until the time is right, or the money is fluid, however; the cycle of life doesn't promise us time. We all don't have that expiration date on our foreheads like the milk carton on the shelf of the dairy counter. I recently received a call from a client who was so struck in their grief because they always wanted a family portrait of the entire family with the Parents, Grandparents, Brothers with their wives and children, and their own family, unfortunately tragedy struck, this client said "Life Happened" and her brother lost his life while serving in the military and now that wish for the complete family portrait died with Mark.  During our call, she asked if I could "photoshop" Mark into the picture or maybe add him somehow to make the portrait complete.  Yes, that is an option but as I reminded her that adding Mark to the picture doesn't put him in the picture, yes his image could be there but everyone in that photograph will always remember that Mark wasn't there, that it was the photographer's magic to put him in the picture. I reminded her that Mark lives in their hearts and memories and in the faces of his parents and his own children. I told her that the time is not lost, its never too late. Perhaps too late to capture the complete picture she has painted in her mind. However; think about it a step further, Mark wouldn't want the family to not gather, not get that family portrait because he is no longer here, that would be more crushing than I can even imagine.  I gave her some amazing options to not limit the session to just a "Large Group Portrait" but include individual family units with her brothers and their families, her parents, her grandparents, the kiddos and yes, her family, even with Mark missing from the image, he is alive in their faces. Proud of the sacrifice that he gave his country and family, yes we can capture images including a framed portrait of Mark in his dress blues. Yes, we want to celebrate and capture our memories, because our memories are still being made.  I lost my mother nearly a year ago and I wish I had those special family portraits too, but like my client, time just didn't allow me that luxury to capture perhaps that once in a lifetime portrait, I had painted in my mind. I have lots of images, lots of memories and a lot more being made every day. Often I think my family would like me to "STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA".  ☺ LOL 

We are a visual world, our memories stay strong, but sometimes fade; the details of the day drift away and what brings us back to the moment are our photographs and portraits. Like our memories, we gather and collect them over time and our families grow and loved ones pass away and the walls of our lives are like the branches on the trees.

With spring cleaning as we freshen up our homes for the summer season, I hope you consider capturing more of your memories with photographs and portraits, add those new images to your family collections.

As a professional photographic artist, I love to capture images; I would love to capture your images and help capture your memories to last a lifetime.  I am a person with a passion and if you want it to happen, just ask and there are always ways to help make it happen.  Don't think of your family portrait that you didn't capture as this image.  We have financing available and methods to help you.
It's not about the money, its about the memories.

Keep seeing the light. ♥♥

Monday, April 4, 2011

90's are GOOD....He has arrived

90's are Good ☺ 
Master Christopher made his debut on day 90 of 2011.  Which also happens to be on my father's 90th Birthday.
I released the First 90 days video of Photographic Art which if you haven't had the opportunity to view it, please take a moment and enjoy it.  Here is a link to view it in higher resolution.

The First 90 Days - Photographic Art by Katherine Payne

I would also like to thank you for all the very kind and supporting comments of my work. Please continue to enjoy as I share this year long journey with you, it touches my heart more than I can ever say.

This is my first grandson... what a little man.  He is all boy.  Often I hear people talk that babies all look alike. Well, I couldn't disagree more. I have had the great honor and privilege to meet and photograph a lot of babies and I will stand strong on my opinion that each baby has his or her own image, character and beauty.  They change so rapidly, I can see that just from Day 1 to Day 3 with Christopher in how much he has changed.   

If you haven't noticed, I have taken a different approach to my Art and Photography Business.  I love to capture images, I love to spend time with my clients, my colleagues and I love to mentor the up and coming photographers of all skill level, both in photographic skill and business coaching.  I have several long term projects in the mix and I really feel that images should speak to people.  Perhaps a silent message but none-the-less a message.  I am still available to capture weddings, portraits, special events and destination events, so feel free to contact me.  I have broadened my scope to include more travel, speaking and teaching.  I will be introducing a new area with Katherine Payne Photography, dba Katherine Payne Productions, so stay tuned for more details.

Some photographers have taken an approach to the "Beloved" style which also speaks to my heart. Each time I see images captured with this style and approach, I am impressed, they are beautiful, touching and timeless.

I am not a supporter of those photographers who bash their colleagues, or don't support the appreciation of the art of photography.  We have so many individuals who have a passion to try and when they try or reach out to us as professionals, I believe it is our job, both professionally and personally, to help support and guide them to a higher standard and success. This strengthens our industry and raises the value of the art we love and provide. I am not talking about the "dime-store" fronts with employees pushing shutters.  Although I understand the value of that product especially in this economic time, its not my preferred method of portraiture but it does give photographic memories to families.  I must also admit there are some images I've seen posted as "professional" and I'm not sure which profession they are talking about. It reminds me a lot of the Disc Camera that was introduced back in 1982 by Kodak.  If you've not seen such a item, here are a couple images to help introduce or remind you.

These cameras took "Snap-Shots" and the the small size made it possible to have a camera with you in your pocket for special events you might have during the day.  It was never intended to replace professional images. I honestly think it was one of those movements to get people to start "WANTING" pictures again.  The Brownie Camera was found in many if not most homes to capture those birthday parties, and holiday snap-shots dating back to 1900.

We've come a long way... Our Phones have cameras, and believe me, I've seen a lot of pretty cool pics captured with the iPhone.  With that said, the world of professional photography has evolved and if you love photography, love images and love to share. You're at the right place.  The opportunities are amazing.

I'll close with this last comment.  Find what moves you and move.... If it is flowers, then embrace the flowers, if it is clouds, reach for the clouds.  Don't be shy if you need or want some help and advice.  It is OUR job to help you.  I once heard the road to greatness is to surround yourself with the great.  Come join us.

Keep Seeing The Light.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The First 90 Days

Where did the first 90 days of 2011 go.  I'm excited to share my video of "The First 90 Days" the 365-2011 Photographic Art Project.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I saw, my photographic art.  I'd like to dedicate this video to my Mother, I hope she would be proud of me, to my Father, Happy 90th Birthday (we miss you) and to my Daughter who has blessed me more times than I can ever mention. 

This year I have many goals to reach.  I am excited to step into the next 90 days and every day after that. 

The photo safari's and field trips are never ending, so if you want to join me, please drop me a note and lets make a plan. 

Next up is the birth of my grandson. 
Keep seeing the light.

Friday, March 18, 2011

All Things Spring

I'm sharing my beautiful granddaughters as I announce All Things Spring, Secrets, Smiles and Smooches (Kisses) and Savings.
What do you think about when you think spring? I think about the beautiful flowers poking up making their debut, preparing for a season. I think about the new grandbaby I'm going to meet soon. I think about all the outdoor times I will be sharing with my girls and all the fun trips, daytrips and long trips I'll be sharing with others.
The lesson for the day will be about the Vernal Equinox. Which on Sunday, March 20th at 4:21pm, Pacific time heralds the beginning of the spring season for the Earth's northern hemisphere. At the instant of vernal equinox, the sun lies in the plane of Earth's equator. As a consequence, days and nights are of equal length (12 hours each) everywhere on our planet. Another consequence is that the sun rises due east along the horizon and sets due west. During the next three months, as the sun shines more and more directly on our hemisphere, daylight hours will lengthen and the rise and set positions of the sun will gradually shift toward the northeast and northwest, respectively.
What better time to start thinking about NEW things, like new babies, new homes, new relationships, Weddings and new wall portraits. I certainly have. Being a photographer, I'm no different, I need new images on my walls, showing all the growth and changes my family has made.
I like to think of our young kiddos and their growth spurts which take us by surprise, or at least it has me. All of a sudden, as an example, my youngest granddaughter got out of the bath not so long ago here at my home and I went to get her robe. OK, so this wasn't something I grabbed everyday or each time I saw her but when I attempted to put it on her it was the funniest thing you would have seen, not only had she more than out grown this robe, it was by 'a lot' which made me step back and notice, these are not babies, they are little girls. We have tons of conversations, my girls and Nana; stories of princesses, princes, castles and knights. I experienced the same thing with ballet slippers and my oldest granddaughter. I could have banked that the slippers I just got were going to fit for a while, no actually not at all, so off to the Boulder ballet store, to fetch a new larger pair. Now, I'm thinking maybe I needed to get an even larger pair... So with that said, take a moment, think about those images hanging on your wall, are they showing you the past or do they represent your present. If your answer is the past, then it's time to give a call and schedule your family portraits. Have them hanging when you have your summer gatherings with friends and family.
Keeping this post on the shorter side, I'll close for now and remind everyone to take some time, look around your house, revisit your wall portraits and continue to write your stories with images. I'll be anxious to share my grandson once he arrives.
Think Spring, watch for that full moon and keep seeing the light.